Ma Charlie chi è??? (False) Presentazioni.

Charlie? You might be wondering who this mysterious character is and what it’s supposed to do in the kitchen. Maybe you were having a drink at the Vox Live Pub and you heard us name it every other word. Not very many guys go by the name of Charlie where I grew up. If there was one, you’d probably know it. If there were more than ten, you’d start getting mixed up. My friends and I know Charlie is somehow among us, yet we’re still trying to pull it out of the shade. I’ve never ever realized before how bashful it can be. Not to mention when it’s in a bad mood! It never happened to me myself, but I heard of friends who couldn’t go out and randez-vous because all Charlie was down for was sinking in the couch. It definitely needs to be straightened or motivated every so often. But after all… it’s a good guy!

If you still think you don’t know Charlie, I keep standing you truly do. Maybe you’ve just called it something else. Perhaps it looked so insignificant to you that you never bothered learning what its name was… it’s never too late though to get acquainted, ain’t it?

Who Charlie is and what he’s doing in the kitchens of the world is left unsaid. Sooner or later, you’ll figure it out.


3 commenti Aggiungi il tuo

  1. Elia Colombo ha detto:

    Più che sapere chi o cosa Charlie sia, sono interessato a sapere cosa sta preparando in cucina 🙂

    Mi piace

    1. charlieincucina ha detto:

      Ahah! Scintille 😉

      Mi piace

  2. gebelia ha detto:

    L’ha ribloggato su PensareAlimentare.

    Mi piace


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